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Worship July 16th

Sunday Worship Lesson:Genesis 22:1-14Message: Faith Enough It is so wonderful to be back again among my faith community! Thank you all so much for the much appreciated time off to visit and catch up with our Brazilian family, see new parts of this beautiful Brazil, and marinate in the love of Itamar’s

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Worship July 2nd 

Sunday Worship Lesson:Genesis 18:1-15Message:  Why Did You Laugh Dear friends,I am excited to be back with you this Sunday July 2nd! This past Sunday was the last weekend for my Sabbatical Pastor commitment in Natick. I’m glad to be back! Last week I was at a week-long work camp down in Cabell and Lincoln counties,

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Worship June 25th

Sunday Worship Lessons: Matthew 10:24-39            Message:  “How do we handle fear” Is there any more pervasive or powerful and motivating force in human experience than fear? From birth, we learn to fear the world around us, certainly to fear the stranger, sometimes to fear even those who are closest to us.

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Worship June 18th 

Sunday Worship Lessons:  Romans 5:1-8                    Message: No Password Needed                                        These days most of us who use computers are asked to create passwords for everything: health care portals, banking and credit card accounts, social security, etc . It can be challenging to keep track of all of them and if we forget the password

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Worship June 11th

Sunday Worship Lessons:  Luke 10:25-37Message: Be The Good One This Sunday is Children’s Sunday, which is the day we let the kids take over our Sunday morning worship. They will lead our prayers, offer a scripture skit and share their fresh and unique faith by their leadership. I just love this Sunday in our

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Worship June 4th

Sunday Worship Lessons:   Matthew 28:16-20Message: Senior Sermons! At United Parish of Auburndale we have this wonderful tradition that celebrates our graduating High School seniors. Called Senior Sermons, our HS seniors are invited to offer a “sermon” or reflection on their experience growing up (or being a part of) the UPA. In past years

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Worship May 28th

Sunday WorshipLessons: Acts 2:1-21 Message: Whole Hearted Sight This Sunday is Pentecost! Pentecost is a Christian Holiday when we recognize the blessing that is the Holy Spirit and all that this Spirit did and does to create and maintain the church. The story of Pentecost is strange and even other-worldly,

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Help us update our Photo Board

Marcy Stuart will be in the Norton Room following worship the next two Sunday’s May 21st and May 28th during coffee hour. Please visit her to have your picture taken. 

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May 21st Worship

Lessons:  Acts 8:26-39                   Message: Serendipity Calling I am so excited to welcome the Rev. Taj Smith into our pulpit and community this coming Sunday.  Taj is ordained with the United Church of Christ and has answered the divine call to educate and advocate for the LGBTQIA+

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