United Parish

Children & Youth


Infants - 3 years old

Infants to 3 years old (and really children of all ages) are invited to enjoy our “Prayground” a space in our sanctuary with games, toys, and crafts that will engage your toddlers in active listening and participation.  There are pews, chairs and a rocking chair from which parents and caretakers can enjoy and participate in worship while caring for their infants and toddler’s needs.  This space is available during all worship services.  Children are also invited to come back to the Prayground at any point during the service, take a toy, fidget or coloring book, and return to their seats.

Sunday School

Preschool - 6th Grade

Continued growth in the knowledge and love of God is of prime importance to our congregation. Our Christian Education program is available to all who seek to begin or continue their faith journey.

Each student remains with their parents/caretakers in the sanctuary until after the “Children’s Time” (an age appropriate lesson during worship) when they will follow our Director of Christian Education to Sunday school. Our Sunday school programs change each week and incorporate the lessons of scripture with music, science, cooking, drama, or games.


7th - 12th Grade

Now is the right time for our youth to develop an inclusive view of people, an expansive view of God, and a steady commitment to justice! 

7th – 12th graders often take on leadership roles during worship including serving as liturgists, greeters, musicians, acolytes, bell ringers, and even preachers!  Our youth are welcome to participate from any place in the sanctuary – even the pews.  Additionally, some may choose to join the younger kids in Sunday school for the lesson or to be a buddy to a younger child.

The UPA Youth Group including 7th -12th graders (and alumni!) meet a couple of times a week and is organized and led by youth nominated and elected peers.  Together they enjoy hikes, village scavenger hunts, cooking/baking, discussions on diversity, equity and inclusion, trips to 6 Flags, and OF COURSE CHURCH LOCK-INS!  Our youth group members and leaders respect prefered pronouns and insist on dignity and equity of all sexual orientations and gender identies. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

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