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Weekly Worship

A typical worship service includes a greeting, hymns, time for participants to share their stories or concerns, a children’s message, scripture readings, silent prayer and meditation, an offering, a message for adults and instrumental music throughout. We gather after worship for snacks and conversation. This is a great time to catch up with friends, deepen our ties to each other, and get to know new friends. We hope you will join us after worship.

This Week at UPA

Join us online via Facebook Live, Zoom, and In-Person.

December 10th Worship

Scripture:   Luke 1:68-79Lesson: The Choral Worship Program! At UPA we understand that words are not the only language through which we can know the divine. While words can be very helpful and are certainly a cultural go-to when searching for meaning – think, prayers, reflection time, even our scriptures! – we know that the divine and even the meaning we make out of Jesus the Christ would only be partially known if we only experienced it through words. And so we look to the arts: music, song, sound, poetry, dance, and art, to help us EXPERIENCE the divine in ways far deeper than words

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no dress code.  Most participants dress “business-casual,” but dressier clothing as well as less-formal clothing are also common.  We want you to be comfortable in worship.

No.  We are sensitive to people who want to worship anonymously and more privately.  Visitors are not asked to identify themselves.

Yes.  Not all people feel comfortable singing, standing for hymns or giving an offering.  Participants are encouraged to do only what feels comfortable and authentic in worship at UPA.

Special Ceremonies


We celebrate Holy Communion the first Sunday of the month. The meal is open to all people of all ages and denominations. Bread (or gluten-free bread) is dipped into grape juice and eaten as a reminder of the way Jesus wanted to be remembered—as the host of a great banquet of love!


We celebrate the baptism of a person of any age during a Sunday morning service. Infant baptism emphasizes God’s early adoption of us into an inheritance of joy and meaning. Older baptism emphasizes conversion and a new orientation to justice and peace. To schedule a baptism, e-mail the office Administrator Melissa, office@newtonchurch.org


The sanctuary and staff are available to members and non-members for services of marriage. Contact the Office Administrator Melissa, office@newtonchurch.org.


The sanctuary and Betty Meyer Gallery are available at no cost to members and non-members for memorial and funeral services. Contact the Office Administrator Melissa at 617-964-8516.

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