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The Betty Meyer Gallery

The Gallery

In 2013, The United Parish of Auburndale opened the Betty Meyer Gallery in honor of dedicated congregant, art critic and educator, Betty Meyer. In the 1960’s and 70’s, Meyer brought art to the local community through her active role inviting artists to exhibit and talk about their work. Upon her death, several UPA members became interested in transforming a beautiful space in the church building known as “The Parish Hall” into a dedicated gallery for neighbors to view, enjoy, and discuss the work of local artists.

Our purpose is to maintain a presence in the Newton community for artists who help us understand the maxim by Joseph Campbell, a contemporary of Betty Meyer:

“One looks, looks long, and the world comes in.”

The United Parish of Auburndale (UPA) accepts applications by invitation for exhibitions of art by local artists. Applications will be reviewed and selected by the Exhibitions Committee. Click here to review our UPA Exhibition Policy and how to submit an application to display an exhibit or call our office at 61-964-8516.

Betty Herndon Meyer

Betty Herndon Meyer served as Executive Director of the Society of Arts, Religion and Contemporary Culture in New York from 1972–1979. She then became Editor-in-Chief of Faith and Form magazine from 1980-2001. In 1999, Betty was made an honorary member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Betty came to Auburndale in 1956 when her husband Eugene was called as the pastor of the Auburndale Congregational Church. Through Betty’s leadership the Parish Hall of the church was often used for art exhibits. Betty was always intrigued by the intersection of faith and art so current care- takers of that Parish Hall at United Parish of Auburndale believe Betty would be glad to know that the space is now fully committed to art exhibition. Betty Meyer died on August 31, 2012, but her spirit remains in The Betty Meyer Gallery at United Parish of Auburndale.

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