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Worship Sunday January 7, 2024

This Week at UPA

Worship Sunday January 7, 2024

Scripture: Matthew 2:1-12, Mark 1:4-11

Message:  Under a Star… Like a Dove…

This Sunday we enter into the season of Epiphany.  Epiphany recalls the star that, in the Gospel of Matthew, led the three magi to the very stable in which Jesus had just been birthed.  It is a season during which we are reminded of our own journeys towards that light of hope that is brighter than all other stars and light projected from this world.  It is a season during which we can continue to celebrate our commitment in faith to a Christ that is love greater than all hate, evil, or violence around us.

Over the course of the coming 5 weeks we will enjoy a theme: “Love… God in all… The great command that Jesus taught to us.”  Our student minister, Anine DeGrood, will lead us through these weeks with a simple song she composed naming this love and all the ways it goes before us.  It will be an opportunity for Anine to learn about preaching a series while also guiding other worship leaders to hold fast to her vision.  AND it will be an opportunity for us to learn from Anine through her many gifts of the spirit!

The single exception to this series will be on Sunday, January 21st when The Rev. Nizzi Digan, our UMC Commonwealth East District Superintendent will bless us with her presence in our worship, pulpit, and then after worship for our Centenary UMC Charge Conference! (**mark your calendars!)

See you Sunday!

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