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Worship November 26th

This Week at UPA

Worship November 26th

Scriptures:  Psalm 150 and Romans 12:6

Lesson:  Joy in Singing

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
There are so many ways to celebrate this holiday. Often we will travel to be with family or family will come to see us. Some of our college students will come home for the long weekend and others will stay put at school finding friends with whom to gather around whatever simple foods collected from refrigerators, campus stores, or smuggled from the caf. Some will celebrate, what has been dubbed, “Friends-giving,” gathering with other locals who have family internationally or no family at all. And some will light the candle on their kitchen table, open a Lean Cuisine, and thank God for their life and health.

However we celebrate let us remember that all we have is God’s and it is plentiful. Remember that our gratitude springs forth from our faith and is fuel for our humility. Remember that any kind of gathering around food and drink is a sort of communion with the divine, reminding us that we are a part of something so much greater than ourselves.

This Sunday our Student Minister, Anine DeGrood will be preaching and so I’ll look forward to seeing you all then!

Thanksgiving offering 
Outreach has designated World Central Kitchen as the Thanksgiving offering this year.
Founded in 2010 World Central Kitchen responds to natural disasters, man-made crises, and humanitarian emergencies around the world. We’re a team of food first responders, mobilizing with the urgency of now to get meals to the people who need them most. Deploying our model of quick action, leveraging local resources, and adapting in real time, we know that a nourishing meal in a time of crisis is so much more than a plate of food—it’s hope, it’s dignity, and it’s a sign that someone cares. 


Please come and enjoy special music performed by Bean and Connor families.

Prelude:  “Prelude”  Johann Sebastian Bach                               
Meditation: “Cherry Wine”  Hozier
Postlude:   “Sanctuary”   John Thompson and Randy Scruggs  preformed by Bean and Connor families
Hymn:  “How Great Thou Art”   
Special Music:  “Make Room”   Matt Maher  preformed by Bean family 

Live Stream Information

Note: that we continue to work on streaming as we make improvements to the sanctuary sound system. 

We will continue streaming our worship on both Zoom and Facebook Live. Please share these links with your friends. Bear in mind that we cannot share the Zoom links publicly (to keep from being Zoom bombed), so please share it person to person rather than posting it on Facebook/Twitter, or other public social media. It’s fine to share the Facebook link broadly and publicly. For Zoom login information reach out to Pastor Cheryl at cheryl@newtonchurch.org.

Zoom Link: UPA Sunday Morning Worship
Facebook Livestream Link: https://www.facebook.com/upanewtonma/live

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