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Worship June 11th

This Week at UPA

Worship June 11th

Sunday Worship

Lessons:  Luke 10:25-37
Message: Be The Good One

This Sunday is Children’s Sunday, which is the day we let the kids take over our Sunday morning worship. They will lead our prayers, offer a scripture skit and share their fresh and unique faith by their leadership. I just love this Sunday in our worship calendar because we so rarely get to see the Divine through the minds and hearts of our children. Jesus knew that we have so much to learn by their innocence.

Also, just a reminder that I will be leaving for vacation on Wednesday, June 14th, returning on July 4tth. I’ll leave details of pastoral care and worship leadership in next week’s newsletter but know that you will be well cared for in my absence!

See you Sunday!


Prelude:  “Wayfaring Stranger”   trad. Appalachian melody
Solo: “Deep River”  African Am. spiritual, arr. Edith Ethelynn Woodruff  Marina Khankhalaeva, mezzo soprano                   
Meditation:   “Whispering Hope”  Alice Hawthorne         
Postlude:  “Psalm 126”  Mary Alice Amidon    

Live Stream Information

We will continue streaming our worship on both Zoom and Facebook Live. Please share these links with your friends. Bear in mind that we cannot share the Zoom links publicly (to keep from being Zoom bombed), so please share it person to person rather than posting it on Facebook/Twitter, or other public social media. It’s fine to share the Facebook link broadly and publicly. For Zoom login information please reach out to Pastor Chery at cheryl@newtonchurch.org.

Note: that we continue to work on streaming as we make improvements to the sanctuary sound system. 

Zoom Link: UPA Sunday Morning Worship
Facebook Livestream Link: https://www.facebook.com/upanewtonma/live

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