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UPA Book Club

UPA Book Club

The UPA Book Club will be discussing The Cloister, by James Carroll,  Anchor Paperback, 2019, 384 pages, at our Zoom discussion, 10:30 – Noon, on Friday, December 9, 2022.

Here is a description of The Cloister by Nicholas Delbanco, author, “This is a wonderful novel, and it’s wonder-filled. James Carroll brings the twelfth-century lovers, Abelard and Heloïse, blazingly back to life, and he does so through the medium of a New York priest and a Parisian Jew. The present and the past illuminate each other, and the startling mysteries of prejudice, brutality, and love are made doubly vivid here.  Like All the Light You Cannot See, The Cloister is a book of gravity and consequence that makes you need to turn and turn the page.”

We welcome members and guests to our discussions, reading the whole book is not a requirement! Please contact Donna McClure [donna@mccluremail.com] for the Zoom Meeting Entry Code!

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