United Parish

Sunday, September 4th

Sunday, September 4th

Lessons: Luke 14:25-33

Message: All or Nothing

Happy Labor Day weekend, the unofficial last weekend of Summer! This Sunday we’ll be wondering a bit about what it takes to be a disciple of Christ. We’ll take a look at our often paltry efforts and wonder if it’s enough. Actually, just so you don’t wonder if this will be one of those communal confession-make you feel like you could never be enough sermons, we’ll conclude that while expectations for our faithfulness are certainly set before us, this is not a one-size-fits-all call.

AND as an example of one particular person’s call, we’ll take a look at Clare of Assisi, or St. Clare, who committed herself entirely to poverty in the name of Christ. In October I’ll be traveling with Rev. Mary Luti and 9 other women on pilgrimage to Assisi, Italy to immerse myself in Francis and her legend and spirit. In preparation, I’ve been doing a little reading on who this committed and faithful badass of a woman was and what her legacy might be for all of us living our own faith today.

See you Sunday!

Prelude: “Pavana in B-flat”   Thomas Warrock
Meditation: “Gavotte in C”    G. F. Handel
Postlude: “Bishop’s Song”    David White

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