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October 9th Worship

This Week at UPA

October 9th Worship

Lessons: Luke 18:1-8

Message: This week’s scripture is the parable of the persistent widow. On the surface, the message seems obvious. Like the widow who kept pestering the judge for her fair share of her late husband’s estate. No matter how many times the judge denied her request, she kept asking and asking and finally, the judge relented, not because he thought it was the right thing to do, but because he was sick of the woman’s persistent pestering.

Is Jesus saying that if we just keep pestering God with our prayers, God will answer them just to shut us up? Somehow I don’t think this is the message that Jesus was trying to convey.

I look forward to exploring these questions with you on Sunday. 
Blessings for a good week!

Prelude: Toccata in e minor”  Johann Sebastian Bach 
Meditation: “Prelude” Frédéric Chopin 
Postlude: “Sonata”  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart            

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