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October 2nd Worship

This Week at UPA

October 2nd Worship

Lessons:  Lamentations 1:1-6
Message: It’s a Sad Song (but we’re gonna sing it anyway)

It’s officially Autumn which means ALL THINGS PUMPKINS at UPA!  We need “all hands on deck” for this wonderful fundraiser/mission/community event so scroll down for the info here and SCAN THE QR CODE to sign up to sell. If you’ve never sold pumpkins before I promise you it’s easy and fun. Bring a book and your smile and join us during the week!

ALSO at the end of October we’ll be starting our Adult study program with Anne Lamott’s book, Help Thanks Wow. If you haven’t heard of Anne Lamott, I encourage you to look her up and read some of her articles. She’s a gifted writer who has a lovely (and often hilarious) way with words. Everything she writes or says comes from a place of humble faith. Help Thanks Wow is a book on prayer, how we pray, and what it so often can look like. The book is short and sweet so feel free to grab it in the meantime.

Finally, this Sunday we’ll be taking a short diversion into the poetry of the Hebrew Bible. The Book of Lamentations and its 5 chapters sits nestled between two of the 4 major prophets, Jeremiah and Ezekiel. It is literally a collection of poems telling of the grief of the people of Judah, having lost their land and then exiled as slaves to Babylon. The scriptures we will read this Sunday tell of a deserted city (Jerusalem) and, personifying that city, it’s grief for such a loss. By these words we will consider our own grief around the losses the church has incurred over the past three years of COVID. And, we will wonder about the value of grief as a transition from what was to what will be.  

See you on Sunday!

Prelude: “Allemande in E”   Dietrich Buxtehude
Anthem: “The Silver Rain”  Marianne Zimmerman 
Meditation: “Saraband in E”  Dietrich Buxtehude
Postlude: “Leoni”  trad. Hebrew melody 

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