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May 19th Worship 

This Week at UPA

May 19th Worship 

Scripture: Acts 2:1-21
Message:  Saying “Yes!”

Blessings and grace to you all.
I was born, baptized, and raised in the UCC/Congregational Church. Every church experience I have comes out of this one tradition.  When it came time for me to be Confirmed (literally, to confirm for myself the baptism that my parents had offered me), while there were LOTS of questions, none of them were, should I be confirmed.

In short, for me, saying “Yes” to Christ was never a question.

Today, many of our children and youth come to us from a place of authentic exploration. Church has become less of a social expectation and more of something we choose for ourselves based on our values and hopes for the world (and our place in and for it).  Today, more and more, our youth are not so much marking an expectation of their maturity, but actually CHOOSING to say “Yes” to Christ.

This Sunday we will confirm 7 of our young people into the life and faith of the church. Each will commit themselves to a life of faith. We have spent the year asking questions not with the hope of finding answers but instead to practice questioning what this world tells us so that we might open ourselves to a divinity that truly is otherworldly.

I hope you will join us in sharing this very special occasion! Come celebrate all of our choosing to say “Yes!” to Love, faith, and peace in the name of Jesus our Christ! 

See you Sunday!

Prelude: “Slumber Song”   Cornelius Gurlitt
Anthem: “Spirit of God, Bright Wind”   Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Meditation: “Impressions  intimas I.”  Frederic Mompou
Postlude: “Nocturne”  Frédéric Chopin

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