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December 10th Worship

This Week at UPA

December 10th Worship

Scripture:   Luke 1:68-79
Lesson: The Choral Worship Program!

At UPA we understand that words are not the only language through which we can know the divine. While words can be very helpful and are certainly a cultural go-to when searching for meaning – think, prayers, reflection time, even our scriptures! – we know that the divine and even the meaning we make out of Jesus the Christ would only be partially known if we only experienced it through words. And so we look to the arts: music, song, sound, poetry, dance, and art, to help us EXPERIENCE the divine in ways far deeper than words alone can reach.

This Sunday we will EXPERIENCE the joy of Advent by offering up our worship time to music and song. Our Director of Music, Allen LaVines, and the UPA choir will lead our worship with their gifts of voice. Join us and bring your neighbors to celebrate JOY that is with and for us this Advent season.

See you Sunday!

This week UPA prays for…

…Melissa and her family as they grieve the loss of her father.
…so many who are struggling through congestion viruses!
…Melissa W.’s father having surgery this week.
…Carole S. selling her house this week.
…Students, faculty and staff at Brandeis University.

Live Stream Information
We are making improvements to our sanctuary sound system and encourage you to worship with us in person. If you are not able to worship with us we continue to stream our services via Facebook and Zoom. If you experience any trouble go to our Facebook page for more information. Please share these links with your friends. Bear in mind that we cannot share the Zoom links publicly (to keep from being Zoom bombed), so please share it person to person rather than posting it on Facebook/Twitter, or other public social media. It’s fine to share the Facebook link broadly and publicly. For Zoom login information please reach out to Pastor Cheryl at cheryl@newtonchurch.org.

Zoom Link: UPA Sunday Morning Worship

Facebook Livestream Link: https://www.facebook.com/upanewtonma/live

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