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Betty Meyer Art Gallery

Three shows of oil paintings by Henry Gates shall be seen in the Betty Meyer Gallery at the United Parish of Auburndale. The church gallery at 64 Hancock street in Newton MA is open weekdays from 9:00am to 3:00 pm and Sundays 9:00am to 1:00pm. This gallery is of considerable size and able to display Gates’ art up to four or eight feet in width and height. There shall be artist talks November 12, 2023 December 10, 2023 and January 14, 2024 on the scope and meaning this artwork.

The first show called Art and Religion from November 12 thru December 8 are paintings of our tradition in the quest for God as a human life venture. Art and Theology from December 10, 2023 thru January 11, 2024 shows abstract forms that present the Trinity with pure spectral color. Finally, January 14, 2024 thru January 28, 2024 Henry Gates develops paintings as Christian testimony; called Art and Faith. Altogether there are a hundred art works seen over these three months.

Henry Gates makes modern art for churches to show and celebrate their season, scripture,
sacraments and sanctuary. While his fine art oil paintings may identify core concepts in
religions, theology and faith, they do not illustrate any pictorial person or place. Gates says
that we seek fresh symbols to develop our modern understanding of life and culture.
You may preview this art endeavor through http.www.henrygates.com.

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